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Aug 21, 2013 11:30am PDT
). >> congratulations. we're going to move on to 7 e getting close to the end. martha doing business as as a limited live performance on 2728 street. >>? a new operator that's taken over the mission landmark. and was over and over music and holding fundraiser, however, since is patriarch passed away they want to utilize the space. it's a little bit confusing and the station has some concerns regarding other permits you'll find in our packet a lot of support. we received one letter of opposition if you can't find it i have it here >> i don't understand we gave sanchez a permit they're bringing in a vendor to operate the kitchen and why are we issuing a new permit. because - >> because if the restaurants the registered business for that location is a new business and it triggers a new business. >> so the restaurants is registering. >> so in other words, it's not that the sanchez people kept it to operate the kitchen they actually sold the business but are going to stay on to operate the entertainment. >> it's their building. >> they sold the business but not the building. >> thank you for clarif
Aug 20, 2013 8:30pm PDT
to be put under the owner of the popcorn owning that restaurants. martha said she would take care of that. i talked to a her on the telephone i toddler to take care of that >> the sanchez is no longer running the alcohol part. >> the food part is being leased by marketing. >> they're still returning the alcohol? >> i understand that the new permitted on august 6th shows that sanchez still holds the alcohol license and the other lady is leasing is food part of it so it's kind of a partnership. >> let's clarify this. with staff and with you darcy. so am i given to understand the business changed hands. the business the whole business did the business get sold? the business has changed hands >> the business has changed hands and the business is food and beverage correct? to the business when i changed hands a real estate transaction also bought the liquor license? >> no. >> so have you hired margaret sanchez as the caterer alcohol in our premises. >> come on up margaret. >> we applied for a permit as a lesee and i'm the one who services the drinks i have to be there for all the events
Aug 18, 2013 10:00am PDT
. i know of one proposal, i believe from supervisor martha will probably be on hold until the conclusion of this study, for example. >> i don't think that we could characterize changes that will be recommended by the planning department as one way or the other. stricter or less strict. >> i do think that there is an acknowledgment that probably the controls would be more effective. if they were slightly more refined, and so that perhaps, the criteria varied from use to use, or. five was considered. and i was just considering because i know that we have all been contacted from different merchant districts that are like the hair is on fire and they want to get it done right away. they may have a specific, you know, project, that they are looking at. and you know i just try to find some way to kind of respect, if they back off, that then they don't don't see, all of a sudden a bunch of things going in that maybe won't work. six months from now. >> what i agree is that we cannot change the voter approved requirement that a neighborhood commercial districts, formula retail requ
Aug 22, 2013 1:30am PDT
] , liz diaz. amy miles. bill collins. martha mahoney, who also does our halloween. terry. i saved lizzy. this is lizzy hirsch. she has been there. one of the founders of the friends of joe d in 1997. what started with planting a little grass on the children's playground has greatly expanded. few people know that the movie "thelma and louise" is a highly fictionalized account of lizzy and mine's adventures. [ applause ] >> most of it is overstated except for the driving off the cliff part. we have done that more than once. [ laughter ] the so yay lizzy. [ applause ] where is tan? he won't come up here, but there is tan hiding in the back. [ applause ] of the chinese town community development center. tan is one of the hardest working neighborhood activists and one of the smartest political operatives that i know. i learn something every time i talk to him and we have really used his help on this project. tina of the russian river neighbors wasn't able to be here, but her colleagues were and we thank the russian hill neighbors for standing by us, our sister organizations, all of our sch
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)